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V13 New Features: Postprocessor & Tools (Approximately 30 Minutes)


This webinar provides an overview of the new features in Version 13 of the Postprocessor and Tools. The target audience is users of all Cradle CFD products:  SC/Tetra, scSTREAM, HeatDesigner and scFLOW.

Highlights of the new features include:

• Improvements in the speed of file reading and visualization
• The introduction of volume rendering
• Support for equirectangular projection
• Customization of visualization tools based on the analysis of your STA files
• Enhancement of colorbars and other objects
• Virtual Reality support for CradleViewer
• Support for CGNS files in FLDUTIL
• The introduction of CradleJoyStickTool
• Enhancements to the Parametric Study tool
• Optimization using Optimus for Cradle
Course Outline The webinar is divided into 2 sections:

• Postprocessor
• Tools

An accompanying set of PDF notes is also available.

After registration is accepted, one of our representatives will send you a confirmation e-mail with the webinar link to the e-mail address provided. Cradle North America reserves the right to decline registration requests at their discretion.