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SC/Tetra Moving Mesh Seminar

Objective The objective of this course is to teach attendees how to use moving elements to solve rigid body motion using SC/Tetra. The training covers different ways to handle moving elements (including discontinuous mesh approach, overset mesh approach, and deforming mesh approach). The course also includes step-by-step instructions on how to setup a moving mesh problem using all of the above mentioned methods. The course also covers some advanced examples like cavitation, mixing plane, and periodic boundary. The last session of the training covers SmartBlades, which is a fully automatic tool to design and analyze fans.
Course Outline 1. Introduction to moving elements
2. Different methods to handle moving elements
3. Examples of moving elements
4. Hands-on training
    • Discontinuous mesh
    • Overset mesh
    • Deforming mesh
    • Cavitation
    • Mixing plane model
    • SmartBlades
5. Course review
Pre Requirements The attendee should know the basic operation of SC/Tetra
Software Requirements SC/Tetra V13

*The course outline is subject to change.