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SC/Tetra: Mesh Generation (Approximately 50 Minutes)

Objective This webinar provides a detailed explanation of mesh generation techniques in SC/Tetra. The target audience is novice to intermediate users. Generation of an appropriate mesh is a vital stage in obtaining a stable and accurate CFD solution. This webinar will cover the various functions and strategies that are available to achieve that goal. Several demonstrations of octree refinement and mesh generation are included.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

• Basic procedures and various strategies for mesh generation
• Octree generation, including manual octree refinement
• Basic and advanced settings for prism layer insertion
• Automated mesh generation and refinement

Recommended prerequisites: SC/Tetra 101 and 102 webinars

Course Outline: 1. Octree generation
    • Basic concepts
    • Input by length
    • Input by parameter
    • Automatic arrangement
    • Refinement by region
2. Manual refinement
    • Rubber box tools
    • Recursive refinement
    • Methods for displaying octants
3. Mesh generation
    • Basic procedure
    • Improving prism insertion rates
4. Adaptive mesh refinement
    • Basic concepts
    • Advanced settings

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