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SC/Tetra: Importing and Cleaning CAD Data (Approximately 75 Minutes)

Objective This webinar provides detailed explanations on importing and cleaning CAD geometry data in SC/Tetra. The target audience is novice to advanced SC/Tetra users who import CAD data as part of their CFD modeling workflow.

The webinar covers basic and advanced procedures for importing data, detecting and fixing geometry problems, and recommendations and instructions on simplifying geometry data. Several demonstrations are included.

Cleaning methods are explained for both solid and surface data using standard cleaning functions, low-level manual methods, and the advanced functions in the Modify Solids Toolbox.

There is also an introduction to data importing and cleaning using CADthru, which is an advanced CAD data translator software from Software Cradle.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

• Basic workflow and advanced settings for importing CAD data in SC/Tetra
• Terminology and background of geometry data in SC/Tetra
• Identifying geometry problems
• Fixing or simplifying geometry using cleaning functions and manual methods
• Basic and advanced data wrapping methods in SC/Tetra
• Importing and cleaning CAD data in CADthru

Recommended prerequisite: SC/Tetra 101 webinar

Course Outline: 1. Introduction
2. Importing CAD data in SC/Tetra
    • Prime Mode: Basic Workflow
    • Troubleshooting
    • Faceting Accuracy
3. Surface Data
    • Facets, Edges, Ridges and Surfaces
    • Closed Volumes
4. Data Cleaning in SC/Tetra
    • Identifying Geometry Problems
    • Fixing Geometry Problems
         • Solid Data
         • Surface Data
5. Wrapping in SC/Tetra
    • Prime Mode
    • Model Mode
6. CADthru
    • Importing CAD Data
    • Data Cleaning

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