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SC/Tetra Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Seminar

Objective The objective of this course is to teach attendees how to approach different FSI problems using SC/Tetra and Abaqus. General information about FSI simulations will be discussed initially followed by technical details of FSI simulations. The course also includes step by step instructions on how to setup a two-way FSI problem. Then there will be discussion about important steps to verify the accuracy of the simulation. The course will be concluded by giving a hands-on experience workshop where attendees are given brief instructions and are encouraged to complete a setup for a two-way FSI problem. The last session of the training includes additional techniques to solve one-way coupling problems using SC/Tetra and/or 3rd party FEA software.
Course Outline 1. Introduction to FSI
2. Technical Details about FSI
3. Hands-on examples
    • Two-way coupling example of a fluttering wing
    • Validation example of flow induced motion
    • Road sign simulation
4. One-way coupling using SC/Tetra and SCTStruct
5. One-way coupling using SC/Tetra and 3rd party FEA
6. Course review
Pre Requirements The attendee should know the basic operation of Abaqus and SC/Tetra
Software Requirements • SC/Tetra V10 or later
• Abaqus 6.12 or later

*The course outline is subject to change.