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SC/Tetra (CFD) for General Applications Seminar

SC/Tetra Two-Day Course
Apr 4-5, 2016
8:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M.
Location Downtown area of Bangkok, Thailand (to be announced)
Objective The main objectives of this course are to familiarize attendees with the basic operation of SC/Tetra and to equip them to handle problems encountered during typical product design processes. Attendees will acquire basic knowledge about:
• Basic operation of SC/Tetra
• Preparation of geometry data from CAD data
• Checking the validity of the simulation
• Advanced functions of SC/Tetra
• Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help
Course Outline 1. Introduction to CFD
2. Basic Operation of SC/Tetra
3. Adaptive Mesh Refinement
4. Importing Data
5. Moving object (discontinuous mesh + ALE)
6. Moving object (overset mesh + ALE)
7. Moving object (discontinuous mesh + ALE+ induced motion)
8. Periodic boundary
9. Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help
Pricing Academic Rate per person USD 210
Industry Rate per person USD 750
Discount 10% off if registered by Mar 3rd, 2016
Note: SC/Tetra will not run on Mac Operating Systems. Participants will be given a free three-month license after the completion of this course. Schedule subject to change.

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