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SC/Tetra 101 (Approximately 30 Minutes)

Objective The main objectives of this course are to enable attendees to become familiar with the initial setup and basic operations of SC/Tetra. Attendees will also learn about available user resources including training and technical support.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

• Setting SC/Tetra module options
• Basic operation of SC/Tetra using a simple example
• Installation of user data including exercises
• Training resources
• Technical support resources
Course Outline 1. Initial settings and launching of SC/Tetra modules
2. Recommended training
3. SC/Tetra program structure
4. Introductory example
    • Geometry setup
    • Setting analysis conditions
    • Basic mesh generation
    • Solver execution and monitoring
    • Basic post-processing
5. SC/Tetra file formats
6. Contacting the Technical Support team

After registration is accepted, one of our representatives will send you a confirmation e-mail with the webinar link to the e-mail address provided. Cradle North America reserves the right to decline registration requests at their discretion.