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scSTREAM / HeatDesigner V13 New Features (Approximately 45 Minutes)

Objective This webinar provides an overview of the new features in version 13 of scSTREAM and HeatDesigner.

Highlights of the new features include:

• Presets for high-speed calculation
• The introduction of JavaScript scripts
• Parallel meshing using MPI
• Extended support for the Parametric Study tool
• Expanded functions of cut cell meshing
• Improved support for multiblock meshing
• Enhanced radiation/solar radiation analysis
• Enhanced free surface analysis
• New functions for moving objects
• New functions for particle tracking
• Upgrades to the fan modeling function
• scMonitor, the new and improved Solver monitor
Course Outline The webinar is divided into 2 sections:

• Preprocessor
• Solver

An accompanying set of PDF notes is also available. (New features of the Postprocessor and Tools are covered by a separate webinar.)

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