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scSTREAM: Scattering of Spray Paint Particles Inside a Naturally Ventilated Building

Objective This webinar provides a start-to-finish demonstration of a practical exercise using scSTREAM. The case involves aerosol spray paint which was used to paint indoors without sufficient precaution to the spread of paint particles. If aerosol spray paint is inhaled, it can be hazardous and may cause respiratory problems. A CFD simulation is therefore carried out to analyze the distribution of paint particles inside the building. Advanced topics such as applying User-defined Function (UDF) to consider changes in particle size as the volatile compounds evaporate from the paint particles will be covered in this webinar.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:
 • Basic workflow of Preprocessor, Solver, and Postprocessor
 • I/F Option to import CAD data from ArchiCAD or Revit
 • Setting up UDF for particle tracking function
 • Configuring geometry and computational domain for external wind analysis
 • Methods for speeding up calculation of transient analysis
Course Outline 1. Introduction about Cradle
2. Geometry Preparation using I/F Option for ArchiCAD
3. Problem Statement
4. Operation Demo
 • Preprocessor
 • Solver
 • Postprocessor
5. Further Study
 • Additional investigation
 • Analyze and compare result
Course Length Approximately 55 minutes

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