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scSTREAM (CFD) for Architecture and Building Applications

scSTREAM Three-Day Course
Apr 6-8, 2016
8:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M.
Location Downtown area of Bangkok, Thailand (to be announced)
Objective The main objectives of this course are to familiarize attendees with the basic operation of scSTREAM and to equip them to handle typical thermal/CFD problems encountered during the building and architectural design processes. This course will focus on functions useful for indoor HVAC simulations and external flow/aerodynamics around buildings. The attendees will acquire basic knowledge about:
• Basic Operation of scSTREAM
• Checking the validity of the simulation
• Advanced functions of scSTREAM
• Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help
Course Outline 1. Introduction to CFD
2. Basic Operation of scSTREAM
3. Air-conditioning model
4. Anemostat model
5. Radiation and Solar Radiation
6. Diffusion and ventilation efficiency function
7. Dew condensation
8. Utilization of 2D DXF data
9. Power law and Canopy model for external airflow
10. Zooming function
11. Multi-block function
12. Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help
Pricing Academic Rate per person USD 270
Industry Rate per person USD 990
Discount 10% off if registered by Mar 5th, 2016
Note: scSTREAM will not run on Mac Operating Systems. Participants will be given a free three-month license after the completion of this course. Schedule subject to change.

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