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SC/Tetra: Automated Cerebral Aneurysm Analysis (Approximately 20 Minutes)

Objective This webinar will introduce new and current users of SC/Tetra to an automated tool designed to simplify CFD relating to cerebral aneurysms. Attendees will learn about the benefits and applications of using the tool, the capabilities it offers, and how to operate all aspects of the software.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

• A brief history of Software Cradle Company
• The background and motivation for designing this tool
• The benefits of using an automated approach
• The analysis and boundary conditions implemented
• How to effectively operate the software (Demonstration)
Course Outline 1. Introduction of Software Cradle and SC/Tetra
2. Background on Aneurysms
3. Motivation for Developing an Automated Simulation Process within SC/Tetra
4. Approach
    • Variables
    • Analysis Conditions
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Geometry and Meshing
5. Capabilities
6. Live Demonstration
    • Loading Model Geometry
    • Applying Flow Conditions
    • Mesh Generation
    • Running the Simulation
    • Visualizing the Results
7. Conclusions
8. References

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