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Case Studies

CaptiveAire Systems, Inc.:
Using CFD to Measure Humidity Evacuation Efficiency for a Kitchen Excaust Hood System

Cleanroom Ventilation Analysis:
scSTREAM and Novel Optimization Method Used to Efficiently Optimize Cleanroom Air Ventilation

Development of scSTREAM Launcher (Autodesk® Revit®) and Launcher (ARCHICAD)

Development of the Thermoregulation Model JOS Function in SC/Tetra

Kanto Gakuin University:
Fluid/Thermal Phenomena in Indoor Environments

Lion Corporation:
Effective Ventilation for Drying Wet Clothes Indoors

Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., Ltd.:
Micro-climate Design that Fully Utilizes Wind and Sunlight

Nagoya City University Graduate School:
Applying CFD to Increase Air-conditioning System Life Cycle Energy Efficiency

National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo:
CFD Assists in Hygrothermal Control for Preservation of Cultural Artifacts

Nikken Sekkei Ltd:
Integrating BIM with scSTREAM for Environmental and Facility Design

Building Design and Energy Modeling Processes

CFD Analysis by Effective Coordination with BIM

Tohoku Institute of Technology:
The Relationship between Wind Minimization, Wind Turbines, and CFD

Tokyo University of Science:
Simulating Human Comfort of Heated Environment and Smoking Room

Waseda University:
Using CFD to Predict and Evaluate Human Body Thermal Comfort

WindStyle Corporation:
Combining Wind Tunnel Testing with CFD


Airflow Control in a Cleanroom

Analysis of Fan Noise Using SC/Tetra and Actran Aero Acoustics

Analysis of a Fan inside a Clean Room OHS (Overhead Shuttle)

Audience Comfort in a Concert Hall

BIM Compatible CFD: Automation for Natural Ventilation

Data Center Planning

Effectively Reducing Thermal Load on External Walls

Effect of Solar Radiation and Modeling Approaches of Window Blinds

Estimate of Heat Loss Through Revolving Doors

Estimate of Heat Loss with/without Windbreak Space

Evaluating Ventilation Effect on a House

Evaluation of Urban Heat Island Phenomena

Human Body Thermoregulation Model

Influence of Rotating Stall on Aerodynamic Characteristics and Noise of a Sirocco Fan

 Internal Flow Mechanism of a Cross Flow Fan

Joint System Thermoregulation Model

Management of Airflow and Temperature of a Data Center

Operating Room Ventilation Configuration

Optimizing Opening Ratio for Clean Room Grating

Passive Solar Wooden House Tailored to Local Climate and Environment

Passive Ventilation of an Office Building

Renewable Energy and Simulation

Research and Development of Personal Air-Conditioning System with Radiant Cooling


scSTREAM Launcher (Autodesk® Revit®)

Simulation on Dew Condensation on Sash

Simulation of a Kitchen Environment

Simulation of Rooftop Air-Conditioner Exhaust

Simulation of Thermal Environment in an Office

Simulation of Wind Environment

Solutions for BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Spread of Exhaust Gas from Highway

Spread of Virus in a Classroom

Temperature Ventilation Prediction of Vehicle Tunnel

Thermal Analysis of Commercial-Size Freezer

Ventilation Analysis of an Office Building Using an Earth Tube Cooling System

Ventilation in Data Center

Ventilation of a Parking Lot

Ventilation Prediction of the Rest Area Facility

Wind Analysis of a Factory and Cooling Towers

Wind Environment on a Metro Platform


Analysis of a Cooling Tower



Concert Hall

Cooling Tower

Data Center

Data Center Thermal Management

Daylight and Solar Radiation Analysis

Door Opening

Double Skin Facade of Office Building

Free Surface Flow of Air Lift Pump

Free Surface in Cup

House Analysis

Kitchen Hood

Large City Airflow

Large City Airflow

Office Building

Office Building Natural Ventilation

Passive Ventilation

Pipe Flooding

Responsive Air Conditioning Model

Revolving Door

Rooftop AC Exhaust from Multiple Wind Directions

Room with Phase Change Material

Spread of Virus in Classroom by Student Coughing

Transient Humidity of Bathroom

Tsunami Simulation

Tsunami Simulation

Ventilation Analysis

Wind Concentration from Trains Entering and Leaving the Station

Paper List

Year Title Author Organization Conference/Journal Volume Pages Program
2016 Coupled Natural Ventilation Modeling for Contextual Parametric Design Decision Support Chao Ding, Khee Poh Lam, and Nyuk Hien Wong Carnegie Mellon University and National University of Singapore 4th International Conference on Countermeasure to Urban Heat Islands (4th IC2UHI) - - scSTREAM
2015 Urban Windflow: Investigating the Use of Animation Software for Simulating Windflow
around Buildings
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2014 AUTOMATED CFD SIMULATION SYSTEM WITH BIM FOR BCA GREEN MARK CERTIFICATION Nari Yoon, Nobuyuki Oshitani, and Yuya Ando Cradle North America Inc. 2014 ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference - - scSTREAM
2014 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications at the School of Architecture, University of Hawaii 

Summary and Conclusion of Project Phase 1 - External CFD
Manfred J. Zapka, Tuan Tran, Eileen Peppard, James Maskrey, and Stephen Meder Sustainable Design & Consulting LLC, University of Hawaii, University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program, and Hawaii Natural Energy Institute    Prepared for Hawaii Natural Energy Institute in support of Contract #N000‐14‐13‐1‐0463 - - SC/Tetra
2014 Wind Velocity Decreasing Effects of Windbreak Fence for Snowfall Measurement Ki-Pyo You and Young-Moon Kim Chonbuk National University Advances in Meteorology Volume 2014 - scSTREAM
2013 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications at the School of Architecture, University of Hawaii 

Establishing External CFD Workflow for ERDL‐HNEI
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2009 Characterization of the HVAC performance with defroster grillers and instrument panel registers M. F. Kader, Y. M. Youn, Y. D. Jun, and K. B. Lee Kongju National University International Journal of Automotive Technology Volume 10, Issue 3 305-312 SC/Tetra